Healthier Hot Cross Buns

When a friend of mine told me she loves hot crossed buns, I set out to make some healthier yet still delicious. The resulting recipe uses less fat than a traditional bun, increases the fiber and nutritional value, and incorporates more fruits. Adding candied ginger gives them a spicy kick and more sophisticated, modern flavor.

She liked the “new and improved” version, so I make a batch just for her every year at Easter time. Lucky dog! (But I keep a couple for myself…shh!)

We’re not the only ones that appreciate this twist on an old classic. The recipe won an honorable mention award in Taste of Home’s Healthy Cooking magazine.

Find the recipe and a mouth-watering picture at their website:

To make vegan hot crossed buns, substitute soy or other milk for the regular milk and use a margarine substitute in place of the butter.

And a special tip: When you form the balls before baking, I like to poke any bits of fruit in with my finger, so they are covered with dough. That way they are less likely to dry out and/or get burned when they bake. They stay moist, soft, and chewy.

Oh, I’m starting to crave some. Good thing Easter is right around the corner!


One Response to Healthier Hot Cross Buns

  1. Lisa Logan says:

    Sounds great!! Thanks for sharing this vegan alternative to a classic.

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