Waiter, there’s a flower in my salad!

Garden salad with edible flowers

Garden salad with edible flowers

    Edible Flowers

I love multi-purpose produce: plants that are medicinal as well as edible, herbs that work well in drinks and savory dishes, and flowers that can be eaten.

We’ve been indulging almost nightly in fresh, organically-grown garden produce. The delicate lettuce leaves splashed with color are pretty to begin with, but when coupled with other brightly hued vegetables, such as beets and colored Swiss chard, the resulting salad can be breathtaking.

Spring blossoms of nasturtium, snapdragon, calendula, and pineapple sage are topping off our salads recently.

In the photo (above), the yellow and maroon flowers near the center are snapdragons, which have a slightly sweet, somewhat spicy flavor. The fuchsia, cigar-shaped blooms are pineapple sage flowers. They have a very delicate pineapple aroma and lightly sweet taste.

Be sure to use a light dressing if you want the flower flavors to come through. They tend to be easily covered by strong flavors. Nevertheless, the novelty and colors added from edible flowers make them a worthwhile addition. Enjoy spring!


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