Party Prepping

I’ve been busy preparing for a dinner party tomorrow night. I’m trying to make a birthday cake shaped like a present, with a chocolate bow and ribbons.

So far I’ve made the vegan mocha cake, buttercream frosting (not vegan this time), and spiced mango filling, and put them all together, with a crumb coat of frosting. It will harden up in the fridge overnight.

Tomorrow I will roll out the chocolate clay, cut it into ribbons and form the bow, add a finish coat of frosting, then put it all together.

If I have leftover frosting, I want to do some piping to make it look like the “wrapping paper” has designs on it.

That’s the plan, at least. As well as clean the house, finish cooking some of the food and making the bread so it’s fresh for dinner…phew!

I’ll post pictures of the finished dishes. Stay tuned, and cross your fingers the cake goes well…


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