Vegan Papaya Curry

Papaya Curry

Papaya Curry

While surfing the net for unusual recipes, I came across this recipe for Stir-Fried Green Papaya from an Indian woman named Barathy. Her recipe comes from Kerala in South India, where green papaya as a vegetable is not very commonly used.

I bought green papayas, but by the time I went to make this dish, they were starting to ripen (oh, those tropical fruits!) The result was a complex-tasting, but easy to make curry that included sweetness from the papaya, plus gorgeous color.

Although I labeled this as a side dish, I ate it as a main dish, coupled with some sauteed spinach-like green and Nasi Kunyit, Turmeric Rice, a Malaysian dish I am working on.

I love mistakes like this.

2 Responses to Vegan Papaya Curry

  1. Lakshmi says:

    I was looking for a papaya curry(Indian style) and came across your blog.I am from from Kerala and we love papayas;raw or ripe.My grandma used to make this dry recipe with ‘ready to ripen’ papayas and they were yummy.They looked exactly like the pic in ur blog.And we used to have a whole load of rice just because of the taste of the curry 🙂 Happy to know that you enjoyed the dish.Happy cooking!!!

    • almostveganinparadise says:

      Hi Lakshmi,

      Glad to know this came out the way it should. And I agree, it’s delicious (and you need lots of rice–yum!) I hope more people try this recipe. Thanks for the comment.

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