Vegan Pineapple-Mint Sherbet

I wanted to develop a dessert for an upcoming dinner party. The rest of the dishes are fairly substantial, so I wanted the last course to be light. And with the heat we’ve been having lately, it also had to be refreshing. Something frozen came to mind immediately.

We make a smoothie with pineapple and mint, so I thought it would be easy enough to translate that into a sherbet. Creamy with soymilk, but not as fat-filled as a tofu-based ice cream substitute.

I created the base and froze it. Since I don’t have an ice cream maker, I need to use the low-tech method of beating the mixture again once it has partially frozen, in order to break up the ice crystals that have formed. Otherwise, I’ll end up with crunchy sherbet.

When it was ready to eat, I tried a few spoonfuls. Nice flavor, very refreshing. But one annoying problem: strings of pineapple fiber left on my tongue, which I spit out. Yuck.

So I had to melt it all, then strain it, and re-freeze and blend and freeze again. So much for a low-maintenance dessert!

Maybe next time I’ll start with pineapple juice…


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