Spooky Food Ideas

Halloween is only 49 days away, and yes, I’m counting! It happens to be my favorite holiday, and I realized I’ve never had a dinner party for it. Not that I am overflowing with ideas for spooky edibles.

Of course, the internet came to the rescue. There were the typical severed fingers as bread or cookies, which I’ve done before, and bloody punch, with a floating frozen hand (fill a glove, tie off the end with a rubber band, and freeze.)

I’ve made a Japanese-flavored dish of udon noodles and sliced shiitake, in a soy-flavored, dark brown broth, which I called “Slug and Worm Stew.” The chewy texture of the shiitake was just enough to make you think twice as you started to chomp. But that’s been it.

After scouring the internet for ideas, I now have more ideas than I need, including some that are far too disgusting or gory to use, such as the bleeding heart cake, which gushes blood when you cut into it, or “turds” (even if they were made of chocolate!)–eeyoo!

On the other hand, stuffed cockroaches (dates with a crunchy cream cheese stuffing–the crunch really makes it seem like guts–) sounds doable, although I will need to veganize the cream cheese part of it. There were a couple of dips and spreads with disgusting names. After all, it’s all about presentation.

What is bound to kill your appetite more: “Red Bean Dip” or “Coagulated Blood Dip”?

Which would you rather sample: “Vegan Cheeze-Filled Dates” or “Smashed Cockroaches”? Heh heh.

Okay, back to the labORatory…Igor, Come!

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