Hawaiian Snowman Postage Stamp (Med) from Zazzle.com

I haven’t been cooking much lately because: 1) It’s been ridiculously hot, so the last thing I want to do is heat up the house, and 2) I’ve been busy adding new designs to my Zazzle store.

Click on this link to see a “Hawaiian Snowman” postage stamp you can really use to send your holiday greetings.

Hawaiian Snowman Postage Stamp (Med) from Zazzle.com

I’ll be adding more designs every day. So far I have a selection of Halloween designs and woodturning designs, plus a few stationery items, including postage stamps and thank you cards.

And yes, food designs, dance designs, and writing designs are also in the works! So check back often.

Here’s the link to my store:

Pardon the mess and empty folders…the shop looks a lot like my house does, with multiple projects in various stages of completion, and stuff everywhere!

I’m learning how to post things and organize things little by little, so please be patient while the store (and my website) get furnished properly.

In the meantime, enjoy browsing, and thanks for looking!

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