Vegan Halloween Party Food

Today I made some food ahead of time in preparation for a Halloween dinner party I’m having tomorrow night. Part of the trick is giving food gory names that match the appearance of the dishes.

Coagulated Blood Dip

Based on the idea I found here, I put together a beet dip and doctored it quite heavily. The result isn’t as bloody in color, but it still maintains a greyish-pink hue, sickly looking enough to gross people out, I hope, especially when accompanied by mummified skin flakes (aka pita chips.)

blood dip

Healthy and gross: Coagulated Blood Dip and Mummified Skin Flakes

Another pupu (that’s the Hawaiian word for “appetizer”) that is almost too disgusting to try is Smashed Cockroaches.

Once again, I borrowed this idea from the internet, which takes dates, cuts them open, fills with cream cheese, and puts them on a platter. I veganized it with a cream-cheese-like mixture into which I mixed some chopped walnuts. Because I have some teeny green scallion tops in the garden, I decided to use those to mimic the antennae.

It’s easier if you put the green onions in first, then add the cream-cheesy mixture. And since it was a tad too sweet for my taste as is, I dipped them in vegetarian bacon bits for even more crunch and a nudge toward a more savory flavor.
stuffed roaches
Whoever thought these up was creative indeed. I love how the shape and color of the dates so perfectly matches those disgusting outdoor cockroaches. (If you live somewhere where you don’t have them, be glad!)

And of course, to make them even grosser, I am calling them “Smashed Cockroaches,” because that’s exactly what they look like after you’ve attempted to kill them with your rubber slippers!

Pond Scum Soup
At one point I was growing a plant called “cholesterol spinach,” and I couldn’t even give it away. It had the nasty habit of creating slime when cooked, which is probably what made it so healthy to consume.

One day I made spinach soup with it, but the resulting slimy goo was too disgusting for me to eat. Remembering that, I created this Pond Scum Soup with my most recent “cholesterol spinach” plant, which does not create slime.

I sauteed onion, garlic, celery, mushrooms and spinach, then cooked it with some water and one potato. I blended it and added a lot of lemon juice for a tart, mossy greenish glop.
pond scum soup

The spider-web-like topping is soy yogurt, piped in a spiral. Then I used a chopstick stuck in the middle and dragged to the edge, repeatedly. Wipe off the chopstick after each stroke.

Steamed Maggots and Chunky Cat Barf
Our main course will be rice and curry renamed. I plan to use a couple different varieties and colors of rice, to give it more “what the heck IS that?” appeal.

The curry is the same recipe as in this Malaysian Broccoli And Tofu Curry post. The only difference was I added reconstituted TVP instead of tofu, plus some bell peppers and corn, to give it a more cat-vomit-like look.

chunky cat barf

Pretty gross, huh? heh heh.

I plan to serve it with Roti Jala, Net Bread, just like I did before. But we’ll make it at the party, since it tastes best when fresh, retaining a crispiness along with chew. I’m going to call it “Spider Web Bread,” because the lacy appearance is close enough to spider webs to match the Halloween party theme.

It will be interesting to see if the food tastes less delicious when given such disgusting names. I’ll post again after the party and let you know how it all went.

Stay tuned to see my “Body Part Punch” and “Black Widow Spider Cakes.” Mwah ha ha!

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  3. […] mentioned some of this in yesterday’s post…The vegan Coagulated Blood Dip and Mummified Skin Flakes (aka beet dip and pita chips) were a hit, […]

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