Too Fat to Fit in the Airplane Seats, but I Came Here to Chiang Mai to EAT!!

Well, I made it to Chiang Mai this morning without incident…the first time in a while that I can remember. No lost luggage, delayed flights, obnoxious passengers, etc. Yay.

It’s hot and I’m dripping with heat rashes all over. 86 degrees F, 30 degrees C and dry. So I’ll need to get used to that. But I went to a vegetarian restaurant first thing after I got here. Okay, third thing–unpacked, showered and waited til my body temperature went down.

THEN I went to a vegetarian restaurant that was new to me (but a well-established one and well-known amongst vegetarians, apparently.) May Kaidee’s Vegetarian Restaurant is a typical tiny place here, with two roadside tables and five tables in the narrow shop, which is more like a wide hallway, with the diners and the computer and register at the front and the kitchen at the back end.

May Kaidee's mixed vegetables, tofu, and rice noodles in a spicy peanut sauce

I had a bowl of thin rice noodles with vegetables and a mildly spicy, creamy peanut sauce. Lovely. And my first fresh fruit drink.

Refreshing blended papaya shake to chase away the Thai heat

I settled for papaya, not so exotic, but it helped beat the heat, plus I figured the added vitamins and minerals (I think there are minerals in papaya…maybe I’ll look it up later and get back to you…) would help rehydrate me.

I took photos but do not want to attempt to download them now. The entire meal cost me a whopping 80 Thai baht. That’s less than $3 US. Yup! Why do you think I came?!

In fact, I chuckled to myself as I walked down the street afterwards. I squeezed myself into the seat on the flight from Narita, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand, my thighs sore from being smooshed the entire 7 hours. And I thought, I gotta lose some weight. These Japanese people are all so skinny, they fit in the seats just fine.

Yah, it didn’t help that I was sitting next to one of those yahn-ki boys, the ones who dye their stringy hair a pale shade of maple-wood-colored brown. This guy had rectangular glasses and a sticky, shiny, black vinyl purse.

At any rate, his knees stuck out like chicken wings and I wondered what on earth it would feel like to be so skinny, you could pull your knees up to your chest in the airplane seat. I had to suck in my gut just to get the seatbelt fastened. Yeah, I had three layers of clothing on so I wouldn’t freeze on the frigid plane, but still.

So after my meal, I thought, lotsa luck trying to lose weight when you came to Chiang Mai for vacation. People asked me why I was going to Chiang Mai. Basically, to eat!

Actually, I have a lot of work I plan to do here also, some studying and brainstorming and the like, but why not do it where every meal is an adventure for the palate? Besides, with prices like those, even if it tastes like crap (and it almost never does,) I can afford to take risks.

I wanted to be sure the food tastes good there before signing up to take a cooking class from them. The last time I was here, four years ago, I had planned to take an Indian cooking class as well…until I ate at that restaurant and the food was bland. No sense learning how to cook from someone whose food tastes junk. (Like I tell my father, I’m not going to learn how to use a table saw from the guy with missing fingers!)

But you can’t say I’m not trying. I asked for a room on the top floor of my guesthouse so I am forced to climb the stairs every day to work off at least half a smoothie or something…bye.


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