Pad Thai for Breakfast

I went back to my favorite, May Kaidee’s Vegetarian Restaurant, not wanting to experiment with breakfast. I get that way with recipes sometimes, going back to tried-and-true old favorites rather than trying new things, because when I get too many flubs and just want good food, I want good food!

Good old Pad Thai to the rescue. Not everyone knows the Thai name, but everyone has probably had some: Thai Fried Noodles.

Possibly the most well-known Thai dish, Pad Thai

The chewy rice noodles were perfectly complemented by the cooked-to-perfection vegetables, including carrot, onion, Chinese broccoli (gailaan), won bok and bean sprouts. The baby corn had a fresh flavor, lacking the metallic taste so often found in the canned. Dollops of spicy-creamy peanut sauce dotted the top. I was happy my chopstick abilities are up to snuff, or I would not have been able to pick up the crunchy peanuts that were used as garnish.

At the rate I’m going, I’m going to have to jog home in order to lose the weight I’m gaining from all the delicious food (and some not so delicious, too.)

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