A Quick Knife Cutting Tip

Knife danger
One of the biggest dangers when using a kitchen knife is having the blade slip and cut you. This often occurs when a piece of food gets under the knife tip, so when you rock the knife forward as you slice or chop, it slips.

To prevent this, here is a quick tip that can help:

Angle the top of the knife away from you. If you’re right handed, angle the knife to the right. If you’re left handed, angle the knife to the left.

Why does this help?
As you cut, the pieces of food tend to stick to the knife and get pushed upwards, eventually falling over the top of the knife. By angling the top away from you, they fall away rather than onto what you are still trying to cut.

This makes for faster chopping or slicing, plus reduced danger of knife slippage on a piece of food at the tip.

Try it and see! Just a slight angle will do.


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