Appreciation for the complexity of Nature

One miraculous, home-grown, organic strawberry

As I ponder the first strawberry from the garden that has not been eaten by something (I suspect roaches) before it has ripened, I marvel at the miracles of Nature.

One friend has died, gone from dancing and alive, to dead, within a month’s time. Liver cancer killed him quickly.

Another has diabetes. She is skinnier and younger than I am, rarely eats processed foods, eats lots of salads, exercises daily. Her doctor is stumped. She doesn’t fit the profile for the disease. I do, but I don’t have it.

Recently we were all on tsunami alert, awakened at 7 am by the blaring of the emergency warning sirens. The 8.8 earthquake in Chile meant a high risk of tsunami here in Hawaii. Yet nothing came.

What do we know?
Despite all the modern technology, all the science, all the drugs and surgery and diagnostic procedures and tests, we still know next to nothing. All we have are pieces of the larger puzzle, plus the finished picture, with no real idea how everything fits together.

People outlive their prognoses every day, seemingly because they have the will to live. Diabetes is rampant in our society, and despite what everyone says, they really don’t know why. Ditto for osteoporosis, cancer, and ADHD and autism. All the computer monitoring and calculating and predicting still can’t tell us if and when an earthquake, tsunami, or flood is coming.

We know there is still magic around us
In a way, it’s a good thing we don’t know all the answers. If everything were cut and dried, there would be no room for wonderment, creativity, and exploration.

This way, there’s room for hope, surprises, and good old-fashioned magic. And for those, like me, who respect the fact that Nature has healing power we can tap if we try.

Nature is amazing.
Plants and animals have the power to heal, kill, poison, hallucinate, attract, repel, destroy, remove pain, abort fetuses, strengthen entire bodily systems…all within them, naturally. We humans have been learning from them for eons.

We extract substances, dissect them, re-create them chemically and sell them as drugs and supplements. We are surprised when they don’t work as well as the original plants or hormones or chemicals. We forget that Nature has a world of infinite wisdom and complexity in a single, tiny strawberry.

Am I just plain old lucky?
Maybe. I’ve been a vegetarian for 26 years now. I’m mostly sedentary, overweight, and I don’t meditate. I eat white sugar and some eggs (from our spoiled brat chickens!) and dairy every now and then. I take a lot of supplements. I eat chocolate every day. Do NOT touch my stash!! I drink a lot of herbal teas, not for any specific properties per se, but a nice variety, because they taste good, and because I know each one has a bounty of good we don’t even know about, hidden inside it.

Unlike most everyone else my age, I don’t have high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure. So I must be doing something right. Yay!

Thank you, gods! Thank you, Nature! Because nobody else seems to have the answers.

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