How to make the most delicious popcorn I’ve ever had

Buttery popcorn without butter

The most delicious popcorn I’ve ever had was not in some movie theater. It wasn’t some exotic flavor in a gourmet restaurant. It was, of all places, in the remote jungles of Indonesia.

There was nothing special about the popcorn per se. The secret was obviously in the oil…extra virgin coconut oil, which the women made by cooking the coconut for hours until the fat separated.

After I came back home, I tried to re-create the yummy-ness and found that I could.

Vegan Buttery-Tasting Popcorn
2 Tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil
2 Tablespoons popcorn (preferably organic)
salt to taste

Place the oil and ONE popcorn kernel into a pot with a tight-fitting lid. Put on high or medium-high heat.

One kernel of popcorn and coconut oil in the pot

When the kernel pops, add the remaining popcorn. Hold the lid on with one hand and use the other to move the pot back and forth over the burner rapidly, to prevent burning.

Use a pot with a tight-fitting lid

After about 40-60 seconds, the corn will start to pop. This lasts for about 20-30 seconds.

Watch out–there is a bit of sputtering. Keep that lid on!

AS SOON AS the corn stops, remove it from heat, and dump it into a bowl. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy!

Extra virgin coconut oil can be found in a health food store. Be sure it’s food grade, not cosmetic grade. It probably won’t say as much on the label. Look for guidelines as to how much to consume or how to add it to food; then you’ll know it’s food grade.

Don’t be surprised if you have to spoon it out of the container and it won’t pour. Coconut oil solidifies at 76 degrees F. It’s perfectly fine to use either solid or liquid.

You can try to use less oil, but in my experience, you lose the flavor. There is no real coconut flavor to the finished popcorn, only a luscious butteriness without the butter.

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One Response to How to make the most delicious popcorn I’ve ever had

  1. Marilyn says:

    Popcorn is an excellent idea for a healthy snack and love the idea of using coconut oil. thanks for the tip! Will be back for more.

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